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8 Tips on How to Feel Inspired More Often When Motivation Sucks

"An ounce of inspiration is worth a pound of perspiration." 
Cielo Villa 

As humans, we are moulded differently according to God's perfect plan for us. Individual differences make us unique, such that each of us view ideas or concepts differently, therefore tackle problems in varying ways. 

The same is true with feeling inspired. Every one of us has felt uninspired at some point in our lives. Therefore, it is wise to know effective strategies on how to feel inspired more often when motivation sucks.

Studies confirm that some people do better at how to feel inspired more often than the rest of us. While those moments of revelation may seem elusive, the impact is powerful. In addition to the initial exhilaration, inspiration can make you more productive and successful. You perform better and enjoy your work more.

The good news is that these same studies suggest habits that you can cultivate that will bring more enthusiasm into your activities.Try these tips to awaken 
your muse. 

Here are my 8 Tips on How to Feel Inspired More Often When Motivation Sucks:

1. Take massive action. It is true that when you are less motivated, you tend to stall more, leading to an unproductive life. Before you know it, days then months, then years pass and you're still stuck in a rut of your own doing. There are better strategies than sitting around waiting for inspiration to strike. You’re more likely to gain insights while you’re working on a project rather than putting it off until you feel more motivated.

Knowing how to feel inspired more often when motivation sucks will keep you moving from day 1.

The key is to just start. Start blogging, start writing your first novel or start contacting acquaintances who might want to invest in your start-up business. Start that business you've always dreamt of.

I know of a couple who took massive action by leaving their miserable jobs in a cruise ship where they used to earn substantial incomes. They have lost all motivation when they discovered that their combined incomes had shrunk beyond paltry due to a downturn in the economy. 

What kept them going? 


They took action and started an online business that not only gave them the freedom to pursue their passions but allowed them to earn unlimited income that wasn't possible in their previous jobs.

2. Focus on intrinsic motivation. When you keep your focus on things that motivate you from the inside, then you are on the right track. Inspiration is more abundant when you’re engaged in activities that you value for their own sake. Put aside thoughts about competing with others or earning money. Contemplate how much you enjoy gardening, surfing or riding your bike.

You will learn how to feel inspired more often despite a lack of motivation when you seek to pursue things for happiness' sake.

When your inner voice speaks, listen up and do the things that make you happy. Focus on the joy that you feel when you do something that you love. 

Being inspired will take less effort when you engage in activities that light up your soul. If sewing curtains makes you happy, then by all means do it! If playing video games makes you happy, then by golly do it! If watching funny movies makes you happy, then do it!

3. Go outdoors. A change of scenery sometimes, is all that one needs to feel more inspired. Sunlight and natural beauty make your mind more receptive. Pack a picnic lunch and take a hike. Go climb that mountain you've always wanted to conquer. Take a dip in the sea, snorkel, dive and get your feet wet. 

There will always be something outdoors, whether it be the clear blue skies, the caressing warmth of the morning sun or the soft cool breeze brushing against your cheek. Nature has a way of reminding you that life is beautiful and life goes on.

Most times, it is wiser and more effective to control your environment than simply relying on self-control. Find out what hours suit you best and work within those hours. You'll find that you're more likely to be productive if you set your working hours between 1-2 am than at 3-4 pm.

4. Appreciate beauty. Like attracts like. If you are attracted to a certain book or a certain personality, it means you are on the same frequency. If you find a book attractive, then buy it immediately because it will inspire you in many ways. 

Learn more about your favourite may be inspired to follow their way of thinking and pretty soon, you'll become a better version ofyourself. Visit an art museum to learn from old masters or browse through an auction catalogue. Examining the work of others can prepare you for your own breakthroughs.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. So train your eyes to seek beauty and appreciate all of God's wonderful creations. Appreciate the beauty of a lone white rose, bask in the innocent smile of a baby, be entranced by the twinkling of a million stars.

"One has truly mastered how to feel inspired more often when he has mastered how to appreciate more often."

~ Cielo Villa 

5. Learn about science. Knowledge is power and it is wise to be inspired by the breakthroughs that are happening with lightning speed in the realm of science and technology. Science is another field that offers opportunities to unleash your own genius. Scan the latest headlines about progress in medical research or renewable energy. Who knows, your curiosity might just be the light that fuels your motivation to become inspired.

6. Practice gratitude. A sense of gratitude and simply being thankful opens up opportunities to feel inspired more often amidst a lack of motivation.

However we describe inspiration, it usually has something to do with transcending our ordinary experiences. Pick something you tend to take for granted and look at it more closely. Feel thankful for rain and sunlight, winter and summer, ice cream and hot coffee, peace and chaos, silence and laughter, night and day.

As soon as you wake up, say the magic words "Thank you." And as you find your footing, say "Thank you." Continue doing this for the rest of your day, be thankful as you go through your activities and your life will magically transform. 

7. Meditate and pray
It is in the stillness of silence that one becomes fully open to things that inspire. When you practice meditation, you become more receptive to new new ideas, better thoughts and the best inspiration. In stillness, one hears the voice of the inner self, a comforter in times of despair and cheerleader in times of hope. 

Many adults associate inspiration with their spiritual practices. Schedule time each day to read something that brings cheer and touches your heart. Thirty minutes every day that you dedicate to reading, meditating or praying will ignite a steady flow of inspiration into your life. 

Read the holy bible or any spiritual book that your soul resonates with. All the answers to your deep-seated questions are found there. Talk with others about how you connect with the divine. Develop a daily meditation practice or attend worship services.

For me personally, my day is not complete without spending a few minutes meditating and praying. I find that when I sit in silence as the dawn breaks over the horizon, my day unfolds effortlessly and magically. My mind becomes more focused and imbued with more clarity. I can easily come up with inspiring ideas to write about and simplify my tasks for the day. I now know how to feel inspired more often, even when I feel that my motivation sucks.

8. Enjoy listening to music. Grab your headphones, slow down and listen to your favourite tunes. It could be a love song, an outdated track from your bygone era or a song of worship. No matter what, the sound of music is soothing to the soul.

Tune in to your fave radio station, better yet, dance like crazy to your favorite dance songs. Be wild, forgive yourself if you have two left feet...most of us do anyway, for it really doesn't matter. Music is the food for one's soul.
A self-made millionaire got most of his inspiration from listening to inspirational audios that featured well-known speakers in the realm of personal development. Listening to audios on a consistent basis re-wires your brain to think bigger and do better. These inspirational audios changed his mindset completely and freed him from self-defeating patterns, attitudes and negative thinking, sparking the change that propelled him to become the person that he is today.

6 Strategies on How to Sustain Your Inspiration

1. Set goals. Every successful person began by setting goals. Inspiration tends to reinforce itself. Translate your visions into challenging goals. Once you reach them, use that motivation to create new goals that aim even higher.

2. Share your goals. Decree and declare what you want to achieve and you'll achieve it. When you say your visions, your subconscious mind believes them to be true. Therefore, share your dreams with others especially your loved ones. 

You’re more likely to implement your inspiration when you share it with others. If you tell your boss that you have a plan to go on an annual leave, she’s probably going to expect a leave form to be submitted soon. When your husband knows that you have a deadline to meet, he'll be more patient and supportive towards your endeavor. When your kids know that you figured out a way to afford a tropical island getaway vacation, they’ll remind you to book the flights.

3.Be optimistic. A lot has been said about being positive but everything about optimism rings true. Inspiration and optimism go hand in hand. When you’re cheerful and upbeat, you’re more receptive to fresh ideas and making changes. Also, life is more exciting when you surround yourself with positive, forward thinking individuals. 

4. Learn from role models. Find a great mentor who has been through the same path that you are currently on. Their successes and failures will be your guide, paving the way to your success. Simply said, your learning curve will be cut in half or more because your mentors/ role models have perfected the path for you.

Of course, bringing your eureka moments to life still requires courage and effort. Imagine how your mentor or a historical figure you admire would rise to the challenge.

5. Be patient. Patience is a virtue. Once learned, you have no option but to succeed in any endeavor. Most successful people struggled for a long time before they realized their sweet spot. Inspiration can be a sudden flash of lightning, but it may also be a long process. You’ll need to persevere if you want to realize the full benefits of a promising opportunity.

Consider this true story of a treasure hunter who quit on his dreams to find gold. He became impatient and stopped digging altogether when despite a period of hard work, he still didn't find gold. A short time later, another gold hunter struck on a massive pile of gold, a mere three feet ahead from where the last gold hunter gave up digging. The morale of the story is, never give up on your dreams.

6. Be fit and strong. A man is made up of mind, body and soul. A healthy body correlates to a healthy mind. You will sense it when you lack energy because your mind is like a haywire of sorts. A lack of sharpness, focus and inspiration results from a lack of health.

Considering the close connection between body and mind, it’s natural that staying healthy invites more inspirational moments into your days and nights. Exercise regularly, eat a balanced diet full of natural foods, and enjoy plenty of good quality sleep and rest.

Yoga and Pilates are great ways to keep a toned body. A simple thirty minute exercise involving stretching and light exercises go a long way to achieving a healthy and energetic body.

I hope that you'll find my 8 Tips on How to Feel Inspired More Often When Motivation Sucks helpful. 

Drawing on inspiration nourishes creativity, hope and belief. You’ll achieve more and find the journey more pleasant when you are brimming with inspiration.

If you were inspired by this blog post, please share it.

Cheers to your passion, purpose and freedom,

Cielo Marie

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