Friday, 4 August 2017

Are you truly at peace?

My post today really resonates with me because throughout the years I have been asking myself over and over again if I am really, truly at peace.  There were times in my life where chaos, uncertainty, even trivial matters reigned over my head. Human as I am, I felt overwhelmed at times, however, my faith in Someone Higher than me almost always helped me get through the storms of life. 

I found out that my answer to the question, "Are you truly at peace?" lies not in my head, but in my heart which knows, understands and believes.

Personally, I associate the mind with madness or simply, craziness. You see, when you take a step back and try to analyze how the mind works, you'll be overwhelmed by its intricacies. Its brilliance and genius are simple unfathomable. 

Yet, if left untamed, the mind can go haywire like an untended garden overrun with weeds.The mind doesn't ever seem to stop thinking, worrying, analyzing, judging, interpreting, etc. Like clockwork and similar to the heart which beats nonstop, the mind works in exactly the same way. So, how can we tame our minds so as not to become too crazy?

In a sense, the mind is a  powerful force which when left on its own can wreak havoc on a person's sanity. It enforces what it believes to be true, based on painful past experiences, limiting beliefs, conditioned responses, even opinions from people we revere. Facts are distorted to accommodate the ego, an almost separate entity that resides in our minds. Therefore, the mind is never at peace, if that is the case. 

Ego seeks to create chaos where there is none. We are all guilty of this through never-ending worrying, judging other people, belittling ourselves and questioning our capabilities.

I think it is futile to try to stop thinking to try to achieve peace within ourselves. It is totally impossible unless someone is dead. But I noticed that when I meditate and spend a few minutes each day in complete silence, I feel a sense of peace overtake me, despite the uncertainties looming ahead of me. I begin to trust in myself again, as well as regain my faith in the One Above who is always there for me. 

Most times, I say a prayer and thank God for his divine blessings, for I know that when I ask, I always receive. Also, I do these things whenever I need to get my head clear- doing stretching exercises, going out for a walk, listening to my fave music, doing deep breathing exercises, saying affirmations, maintaining a grateful attitude by counting my blessings, playing with my son,nieces and nephews, watching funny videos, hanging out with friends, having a laugh with my siblings, etc.

I have mentioned that the mind is like a separate entity, which you have little control over, or so you thought. You may or may not notice this when sometimes, you catch yourself talking to...who else, but your self. Funny, eh. Seriously, master your thoughts and don't let your mind rule your life. Rather, let your heart rule your life. For the heart is the home of one's soul, a peaceful entity, willing and obliging to seek peace at all times. Therefore, when you have peace within your heart, that's when you can truly say that you are at peace.

So, guard your heart from hatred and learn to forgive others. I agree it is hard to forgive especially if you have been hurt, but in all things, surely there is a lesson to be learned. Let go of negative thoughts and free your self from negative people for they seek to poison your soul. Learn to let go of the past, look forward to a wonderful future and most of all, find joy in your present moment. To be alive at this very moment is a beautiful gift from our Creator God. Therefore, feel good or better still, feel great at all times despite all the negativity in this world.

A few short weeks before my father suddenly passed away, he told me that he had come full circle. When I asked him what he meant, he answered with a knowing smile, " I am at peace with the world, with my fellow men, with my Creator and with myself." I will never forget his words of wisdom, which truly reflected how he lived his life till his last breath.

And to end my post, I believe that the most important thing you need to do to truly have peace is to forgive yourself. Just like everyone else, I have my insecurities, but I have learned to accept myself for all my strengths and flaws. 

Deep in my heart, I know that God created me in His image and likeness, which means that I was fearfully, wonderfully and perfectly made.

So, learn to love yourself and fall in love with you! You are beautiful, you are perfect, you are important! When you bathe yourself with love, acceptance and respect, the heart which feels, understands and believes shall overflow with the same. And peace will reign in your life once more.

So let me ask you this question again, " Are you truly at peace?" Please feel free to comment below.

Seize the moment...

Cheers to your passion, purpose and freedom,

Cielo Marie

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