Friday, 4 August 2017

How To Be Childlike : Looking Through The Eyes Of A Child

True beauty comes from WITHIN, not without. Truly, when one sees through the EYES of a child, life's simple pleasures become magical.

In a child's mind, there is no such thing as ordinary, mundane or boring because a child BELIEVES in endless possibilities.

When a child casts his/her eyes towards the sky, that child doesn't simply see the blue sky but sees way more beyond that. You'll be awed by the craziness and boldness of their IMAGINATION.

Children will talk of seeing angels fleeting between clouds, aiming marshmallows at airplanes and hearing them sing, "Twinkle, twinkle little star." Such is their belief in the workings of their innocent minds that the world is one big playground, a haven for everything that shouts "FUN."

Children are so consumed with being " IN THE MOMENT"... playing, creating, exploring, discovering, learning and expressing themselves, that life becomes interesting. There is not a dull moment in a child's day.

For these playful and tiny miracles of God, there is no yesterday nor tomorrow. The only thing they care about is they excitedly unwrap the gift of the PRESENT with astonishing joy and glee, knowing in their hearts that all is well with the world.

Unlike adults, children live like the day will never end, because for them, TIME is just an ILLUSION. They never worry about anything, believing that all will come to happen because they THINK so.

They show their TRUE feelings by smiling or laughing when they're happy, crying when upset or just being "difficult" when it suits them. Like a chameleon in sheep's clothing, they change their auras to suit their present mood and they don't care less. In other words, their feelings are a true reflection of their inner state.

Children don't know WORRY.

Children don't know FEAR.

Children don't know FAILURE.

We as adults can learn so much from our children. Therefore, it's time to be young at heart again, as age is no barrier for people who dare to dream big.
It's time to reconnect with your INNER SOUL, a sanctuary for that child in you that you chose to forget. How to be childlike is a matter of significance because there is a child in each one of us, patiently waiting and longing to play again.

And as I end this piece, may I ask you as you start your day, to remember to look up to the sky and find your angels behind the clouds. They might be singing a different tune for some "Rock n' roll" music?

Now, be still and know that you can revisit your childhood and learn how to be childlike again. 

Climb trees...
Fly a kite...
Run in the fields...
Play in the rain...
Lick the lolly jar...
Ride a bike...
Be silly...
Laugh to your heart's content."

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Cheers to your passion, purpose and freedom,

Cielo Marie

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