Friday, 4 August 2017


No one can dispute the power that gratitude brings to one's life. Indeed, counting your blessings will definitely bring you more blessings to be grateful for. It is beyond explanation but the Universe conspires to bring you good, always.

An attitude of gratitude, I believe, is the hardest trait to cultivate because as humans, frail and vulnerable as we are, challenges and difficulties greet us every day.  It is not easy to be grateful when life knocks you hard, pushing you down on your knees, begging for the sun to bring you hope when tomorrow comes. It takes time to build a grateful heart, as well as to realize the impact of living a life full of gratitude.

But mind you, once you feel gratitude even for the smallest thing, that simple act of feeling grateful will boomerang, bringing you bigger things to be grateful for. I admit that sometimes I forget to say the magic words, "Thank you." It's a simple thing to say but I've noticed that every time I utter the words, "Thank you," the receiver almost always lights up with a smile. I guess, not many people are taking this seriously, or this practice must have gone out of style. 

Every night before you go to sleep, say thank you to our Creator for showering you with endless blessings. List them down, every single thing that you are thankful for. Then, upon waking up, say thank you once again for a good sleep and the promise of a magnificent day ahead. There are so many things to be thankful for, the bed you sleep in, the water you have for your shower, the food on the table, the roof over your head, and the list goes on.

If you have been less appreciative or ungrateful in your life, it's never too late to change your ways. You will be amazed by the inner transformation that will definitely take place once you start feeling more grateful. Your life will never be the'll wake up joyous, excited and passion-filled. You will bring more of the good things into your life whenever your lips utter the words "Thank You."

So start feeling grateful today. 

Just a thought...children epitomise the power of gratitude. Check out my blog on "How To Be Childlike: Looking Through The Eyes Of A Child"

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Cheers to your passion, freedom and purpose,

Cielo Marie

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