Friday, 4 August 2017

How Badly Do You Want Success?

For many of us, we think that success is elusive, limited to only a few lucky people. We define success in terms of how much money we have in the bank, how healthy we are, how happy we are in our current state or how close we are at achieving our goals. 

Some people define success simply like being able to fly on an airplane, eating home made chocolate cake or being with a loved one. All these definitions are right because what you say is your reality, applies to your life values and based on your belief systems. No one can question you on how to define your own success.

However, not everyone seems to reach the height of success. There is no magic formula to realizing one's dreams in life, but one thing that stands out among successful people is their attitude of perseverance. 

The most successful people in the world suffered numerous failures and setbacks, sometimes lasting for years and depleting their resources, yet they persevered. They never gave up on their dreams because right from the start, they believed in themselves and their abilities. Not giving up, never waning in their desire to have a better life, notlistening to naysayers and negative people, are core attitudes of a successful person.

Recently, I watched the highly-acclaimed movie entitled "JOY." It is based on a true to life story of a working mother who faced bankruptcy, ridicule  from family and all forms of setbacks that one could ever think of in her quest for success. However, these roadblocks didn't dampen her spirit, instead she fought back with all her blood, sweat and tears. She persisted and persevered amidst all the challenges hurled against her as she fought for her dreams. And she succeeded...big time! She is now a very successful businesswoman in her industry ... truly the epitome of perseverance.

Lay one brick at a time and before you know it, you've created a great brick wall capable of withstanding any extreme conditions. Don't stop nor linger for a second, soldier on and persevere in the face of mockery or judgement. Never mind the people who laugh at you for dreaming big dreams. In the end, you'll have the last laugh.

So, in answer to the question, "How badly do you want success?" Be honest with yourself. If you really want something, then by golly, GO FOR IT! Don't stop asking, don't stop knocking, never waver in your belief. I believe that perseverance is key to making things happen. It is essential to a life of success. 

Luck is an illusion. It takes courage, discipline, consistency, as well as perseverance to accomplish life's greatest joys.

Seize the moment!

Cheers to your passion, purpose and freedom,

Cielo Marie

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