Friday, 4 August 2017

What's Your Take on Challenges?

Today, I'd like for you to read this post as if you are saying these words to yourself. Say the words out loud, really internalize them and at the end of the post, give yourself a few minutes to answer three self-reflection questions. 

This exercise will hopefully provide an opportunity for you to engage with yourself, know yourself better and most importantly, improve your mindset. 

C'mon, give yourself some love :-)

So, What's Your Take on Challenges?

Challenges build drive.

My drive to succeed is more pronounced with   each challenge I overcome. 

Situations that push me to think creatively and act quickly build my confidence.

Each day at work has its own challenges. Working in a stressful environment helps me to improve on how I manage stress. When I make it through the day without breaking, I am better equipped to handle similar days in the future.

Focus on the end goal makes it easier to do what is necessary now.

Personal matters are sometimes poised to upset my peace of mind. But I face them head on. Confronting those issues courageously helps me to maintain a positive mental state. Each day I work towards achieving that balance in my personal life.

When financial challenges threaten the well-being of my family, I find a way out. 

Seeing the difficulty ahead pushes me to find quick solutions.

Providing basic necessities for my kids is my top priority. My love for them keeps me on top of my game and gives me confidence in my ability to provide.

Today, challenges very rarely intimidate me. I accept them with open arms because I know they only make me stronger. Each difficulty I face gives me the drive to overcome any obstacle and be successful.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How well do I use past experiences to help me avoid challenges in the future?
  2. In what other ways can I build the drive needed to handle tough times?
  3. How do I handle situations when challenges seem a little too tough to handle?
I hope you'll find value in my post. Please feel free to leave your comments and share my post with your friends!

Seize the moment!

Cielo Marie

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